Steve Mulry

Steve was a late starter to the music biz. It was at the age of 22, that he started singing in a band from Bulli, New South Wales, called “Axis”. This band wrote their own songs and supported many other groups in the few years they were together.

He then joined “Hyperactiv!”, another outfit writing its own songs. Next up was the “M16’s” again writing original material. In 1990, that band had decided to call it quits, so Steve and the guitarist from the band formed “Dead Man’s Hand”. The year was 1990 and once more, this new group was writing their own material.

By 1992, Steve was recruited into a band not only playing its own songs, but it also had a publishing deal. This band, “Stoker”, was already well known around Sydney. Steve recorded many songs with them and their albums were mainly released independently. During his stint with “Stoker”, Steve was hired to sing in the “Australian Deep Purple Show” which featured Laurie Marlow, from the band “Heaven” on bass, for their upcoming New Zealand tour.

Steve then moved onto “Black Label” in 1997. This band also had a side project for when gigs were a little lean called the “Brothers of Filth” which played a lot of classic rock covers and you guessed it, wrote its own material. However, with “Black Label” becoming more and more popular “The Brothers” didn’t end up doing a lot of shows. It’s here, in “Black Label”, where Steve meets Kevin Pratt from “BB Steal” and also is joined again by Laurie Marlow. They wrote and released four studio albums, two live albums and a DVD. They also did a small tour taking them to Germany, The Netherlands and the UK.

In 2007, whilst in “Black Label”, Steve joined another Deep Purple cover band called “Kinda Purple” which featured Chris Brockbank on guitar. This was very short lived but Steve and Chris would work together again.

Along comes 2011, when Steve and “Black Label” drummer George Muscat, decide to put a band together playing obscure blues songs. “Weekend Detention” as they were called, which surprisingly to them, became extremely popular around Sydney, had a great run of shows but not quite as much as the burgeoning gig roster of “Black Label”.

In 2014, whilst still in “Black Label”, Steve was asked to join a band for several shows which featured high profile musicians John Prior, Justin Bianchi, Dai Pritchard, Bob Spencer, Mick Pealing, Angry Anderson and Mark Gable. This band “Oz Rock Roadshow”, gave Steve a leg up in regards to performing with known muso’s from the Aussie pub rock music scene. This was a lot of fun but again, short lived.

However, even though Steve had been dallying in other musical interests, after 19 years with “Black Label” it was time for him to move on. He then joined Chris Brockbank again but this time in his band “Phantom MkV”, which also feature bassist Damian McDonald. After releasing an album of original songs, the band drifted apart, mainly due to Steve being called up by his late brother’s iconic band “Ted Mulry Gang” to do the honours of being vocalist for a reunion tour called “This One’s for Ted”.

During that tour, after a gig one night at the Bridge Hotel in Rozelle, Sydney, Steve met a solo artist performing in the other bar of the pub, who was Darren Rolling Keys. To cut a long story short, Darren and Steve formed a duo, “Here’s Trouble” playing classic rock songs mainly on the New South Wales Central Coast.

Again, with Steve’s thirst for working with different musicians, after that initial TMG tour, he was asked to be a member of the “Masters of Pop”, a band that would only gig spasmodically featuring members of John Paul Young and the Allstars, GANGgajang, Sherbet, Jon English and the Foster Brothers, and James Blundell. This outfit has also included members of Air Supply, The Choirboys and 1927 on occasion.

Whilst all of this is going on, Steve and Chris Brockbank again record songs for the release of an album under the name “Chris Brockbank’s Phantom”. This project will, when time permits, be playing live around Sydney and the Central Coast of New South Wales.

In late 2019, Steve was asked to join a band that had been playing for several years called “The Rock Show”. This group featured non other than the late great Jon English and a hand picked assortment of extremely talented musicians. With Steve out front of this band of multi talented muso’s, has and will, be performing many theatres and auditoriums around the country.

Mid way through 2020, Steve is contacted by Rick Lum of “Hush” fame, asking if he’d be interested in starting a classic rock band. “Of course” said Steve…..if I can fit it in. So, just like that, “Rockcake” was formed. Some of these bands are still performing when possible. Keep a look out for them.

Now, down to the formation of “Lawless Breed”. 2019, is when the idea to start a new original band, came along. Chatting to his old pal from “Black Label” Kevin Pratt, it became glaringly clear that the two of them were thinking along similar lines. Their plans however, were put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic which fortunately, gave them the opportunity to gather the right muso’s to complete the lineup with Damian McDonald, Darren Rolling Keys, Tony McDowell and Adem Gungor