Kevin Pratt

Guitarist since 1974, in a band at 19. Commencing with Les Waterhouse’s Cunning Linguists 1979-1980, Montys MF’s (same time), Wanna Lick Band 1980, Rosie G (same time), Boss 1981, toured with Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Meatloaf, Sweet, Twisted Sister, Dio, Canned Heat, Cold Chisel, The Angels, Dragon, Radiators, Rose Tattoo, Swanee, James Freud and the Divinyls.

After Boss, he formed BBSTEAL, which were produced by Phil Collen from “Dead Flatbird” in 1988. Then a Led Zeppelin concept and played on the Sons of Steel soundtrack. Joined Swanee 1997 and Black Label in 1999, recording 3 CD’s with them and playing constantly.

Currently full time member of POUND FOR POUND with Tony McDowell & Damian McDonald recording and playing some great original material. So make sure you look out for that.Has now regrouped with pal Steve Mulry to have a little fun in between the other musical commitments!!

Influences: ALL the Aussie players from the 70’s & 80’s; Stuart Fraser, Harvey James, Ian Moss, Kev Borich, Rob Riley, Pete Wells, Bob Spencer, John Meyer, Kelly, Thorpie, Les Hall etc.

A Michael Schenker, Johnny Winter, Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore, Paul Chapman, Angus Young, Leslie West, Mick Taylor, Hendrix Trower, Gary Moore, Scott Gorham, Warren de Martini, Keith Richards, Skynyrd, BB King, Albert King and Paul Kossoff devotee. In fact letters from A to Z, there’s an influence.

The art of guitar is never mastered therefore one cannot say they are ever “accomplished!”