Damian McDonald

This guys is one part of the thunderous & rhythmic backbone of the Breed. Damian McDonald met Steve Mulry in 2016 when they both joined a band which became “Phantom MkV”. He is still in “Chris Brockbank’s Phantom” (name change) with Steve & will from time to time be doing shows.

Damian is also a full time member of POUND FOR POUND with Kevin James Pratt & Tony McDowell (they all work so well together) playing & recording some great original material. He is also a member of “Rags ‘n’ Riches”, plus “Rock City Saints” & “Jet Black” (the last two with drummer Adem Gungor).

Damian started playing bass in year 7 in high school & quotes AC/DC, Deep Purple & Black Sabbath as his influences (hard to beat the ’70’s)